Sell by Weight PRO

Terms used in these instructions

General settings – settings of the plugin. You will find it under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Sell by Weight PRO
Product settings – settings of particular product. You will find it under Products -> All Products -> concerned product -> tab Sell by Weight PRO

1. Basic usage

General settings

First you need to set up Weight options which will be later possible to choose from. You need to go to general settings of the plugin and find setting Predefined weight options for weight selector.

These weight options are shared among all Sell by Weight products.

Predefined Weight options

The syntax of the options is following:

– first you will enter the desired weight in the shop weight unit. This means that if your shop is in kilograms, the weight should be 0.1 for 100 grams.
– if you want the visible text to be different from the entered weight you can add it after semicolon;
– several values are separated with vertical bar sign “|”

For 100 grams with visible part “100 grams” you need to enter: 0.1;100 grams
More options: 0.1;100 grams|0.5;0.5 kg
The options can have also custom names: 0.25;Steak|5;Big box

Product settings

First things necessary to do is to set a price of the product and it’s weight.

Plugin automatically calculates price for one weight unit (kilogram) from the settings. So if you set that the product costs 25USD and weighs 2 kilograms, it will take these settings and calculate that one kilogram costs 12.5 USD and then it applies to your Weight options. This way the example 100 grams will display price 1.25 USD.

If you omit the weight, it will be assumed that the product weighs 1 kilogram (or your default shop unit if you have something different set).

Go to Product settings and enter the parameters there.

Price setting

Weight setting – if omitted the weight will be assumed equal one unit

Now go the tab Sell by Weight PRO. There is an option Enable selling by weight, checking it will enable the functions of the plugin for this product. Afterward you can select some weight options, created in general settings.

Enable product and set desired weight options

There is also the setting called Default weight option. There you are able to select the weight option which will be preselected on the product, when customer visits the product page.

Default weight option

This is the result of the settings