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Products with different weight unit from shop default

In this example we have another scenario. We have shop in some weight unit – here kilogram, and we want to show some product’s PPU price based on different weight unit in this – example gram. The plugin will take the weight entered in usual places – in Weight on shipping tab or even in Custom number of units on PPU tab, and it will convert the weight into the new unit. The recalculation then takes place for the new unit. This can be easily done for WooCommerce weight units, which are: kg, g, oz, lb.

So, if we take our example, we will have a product which weights 0.25 kg and costs 25USD. We want to display the price for 1 gram, so the plugin will calculate that it is 250 grams and makes the calculation 25USD / 250 grams = PPU price 0.1 USD  per gram.

Example of intended use:

Selling some small weight products, together with more heavy ones – spices, precious metals, …

Instructions on how to do this:

  • You will set the price (25USD) as in basic usage case.
  • Then you will enter gross weight 0.25 kg into the usual field in Product settings -> Shipping Weight.
  • Then in Product settings -> PPU PRO Different weight unit and select g

Different weight unit setting

Resulting display of price calculated per gram

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