Different gross and net weight


Price per Unit PRO

Products with different gross and net weight

Now we are getting to some more advanced configurations.

This product works in the following scenario: The product has certain net weight – 5 kg and together with it’s packaging it makes gross weight 5.5 kg. This weight will be used for shipping purposes so the shipping company will give you the right shipping price for the package. But you want the customer to see PPU price calculated for the weight without packaging.

Example of intended use:

Selling products with their package – the gross weight will be used for calculating shipping.

Instructions on how to do this:

  • You will set the price (20USD) as in basic usage case.
  • Then you will enter gross weight 5.5 kg into the usual field in Product settings -> Shipping Weight.
  • Then you will enter net weight 5 kg in Product settings -> PPU PRO Custom number of units

And that’s it. It will then make PPU price 20USD / 5 kg = 4USD /kg

Gross weight setting

Net weight setting

Resulting display of price per unit

As you can see the information about different weight has been also inserted into Additional information of the product.

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