Basic usage


Price per Unit PRO

Basic usage - price per shop Weight unit

The most basic usage of wide plug-in’s features is displaying of Price per weight unit (kg, g, …). We are talking about the default shop weight unit. This setting can be found under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> General field Weight unit. For the purpose of these instructions I will be using kilogram.

To display price per unit, you need to have the product’s Price and Weight set. This is done by setting usual product properties.

Product settings -> General Price

Product settings -> Shipping Weight

In this example we will set the price to 10USD and the weight to 2 kilograms. This makes the resulting Price per unit 5USD per kilogram.

Price setting

Weight setting

Resulting display of price per unit

This is how the plugin will work out of the box, without setting anything else. We are using the feature Automatic text which simply takes the default shop unit from your settings and puts it behind the PPU price separated by a custom string, by default with “/”.

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