new version 1.9 is here and brings few changes


– “General price additional text” – placement was wrong on recalculated products
– Missing variable on grouped products

New features

There is a completely new approach to entering Recalculated price additional text.

The idea of one customer for this was that if you’re changing this text repeatedly you will most probably make a typo and the text will be wrong.

So in the Global settings is a new textbox, where you can add predefined texts. After you save the settings these texts will be available for you to select as the recalculated text.

General settings

These texts will be also available in Product settings

Product settings

And in case that you’ll need some unique text, which you will use just once and don’t want to enter in General settings. You can do it by selecting “Custom text” and entering the text in textbox below.

Custom text

Automatic update is not working yet, so you just download the plug-in in Downloads under your account.

And that’s it. See you soon – if you want some feature let me know and I’ll look into it.