we have a new version of Price per Unit PRO here 2.0.7. In the meantime I have also created version 2.0.6, but I didn’t find the time to post it, so this update is for both version.


– New feature – Variable products can now have recalculation displayed only for selected variants

– New feature – New approach to custom units – now you can use custom units which will cooperate with automatic text
– New feature – Modified units are now displayed on product detail – general settings – Display modified units info on product details
– Improvement – Extended internationalization through PO files (can be managed through Loco translate)
– Improvement – improved support of WPML

Details of new features

The approach to custom units is now little different. If you want to use some other unit than weight, for example liters, you can select it in product editor. If you use automatic text then, the unit will be displayed behind the price. This approach has the advantage, that there is several predefined units already, and the text of the units also use plural forms.

The other feature Display modified units info on product details – displays information about the number of units in Additional information on product details. If you don’t use any name of the unit, this feature assumes that the Custom number of units is simply different weight, and it will display the new weight as Net Weight.

More about how it works in the screens below.

Definition of custom units in general settings

Setting of custom unit in product editor

Display on front-end

Product with net weight - the custom unit is set to Default unit

This feature also supports Variable products in full

You will find the download in your account here.

Account was created when you bought the plugin and username with password were e-mailed to you then. If you can’t find it, simply recover your password.