Hi everybody,

I have received some offers from plug-ins users, for translating them into local languages. To make it possible and easy, I have created projects on Crowdin platform. So now it is possible for anyone to contribute their translation of my plug-ins to other users. After the completion of the translation, I will approve the translation and then in the next update, the translation will be included in the plugin itself.

The projects’ links are here:

Price per Unit PRO – https://crowdin.com/project/price-per-unit-pro

Sell by Weight PRO – https://crowdin.com/project/sell-by-weight-pro

If you want to translate into your language, and it is missing from the list, just let me know.

The first translation into Italian language done by Lorenzo Rota Sperti is already part of the last update of Price per Unit PRO.

Cheers Martin