new version 1.9.3 is here and new feature with it.

But first a change


– Dropped support for old WooCommerce versions before pre 3.0 – if somebody still needs to run with WooCommerce 2.x, let me know.

New features

– From now there is Automatic recalculation text setting – it takes the weight unit from your shop settings and creates the text from it (example: /kg). Works together with other setting of this plugin so it can create text for Different weight unit and also Custom number of units.

As it is automatic the text will change with the settings to your shop – if you change the unit of your shop the text will reflect the change.

– One small new feature is that you can decide if you want space between the price and recalculated additional text

It’s easy to set – you just select automatic text and if you want to change the slash(‘/’) in it for something else you can do so too.

Automatic text - general settings

Here is what it really means

Automatic recalculation text

And here you can see the settings of the product which affected the text appearance.

Automatic text - example settings

So all you need to do is just download the plug-in in Downloads under your account.

Cheers Martin