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Product which is sold by pieces – 5pcs

$10.00 - pack 5 pieces
$2.00 /piece

Product where we want to sell more pieces at once in a bundle and display the price for one piece


Product Description

This product is showing case when we have product sold in pieces, and we are showing the price per single piece. The weight of the product is used for shipping purposes.

Example of intended use:

Selling t-shirts in a package, but showing price for single t-shirt.

To achieve that you need:

Go to product editor (Products -> All products -> modified product)

  1. On the tab General you need to set the price of the product – Regular price
  1. (Optional) Set the gross weight set on tab Shipping under Weight – this will be used by WooCommerce for shipping purposes.
  1. Go to the tab Price per Unit PRO. In the field Recalculated price suffix text you need to have Automatic text. Which can be inherited from General settings or set manually so it displays one of the following:
    – Default – according to general settings Currently: Automatic text
    – Automatic text – takes unit settings from product
  1. Then in the field Custom number of units set the desired number of pieces.
  1. And in the field Custom unit name select the unit which should appear after the recalculated price. The predefined units can be easily translated with Loco translate.

If you don’t find the unit name you want under Custom unit name, you can add it in general settings.

To do this you need to go to General setting of the plugin under WooCommerce->Settings->Products->Price per Unit PRO

In the field Predefined custom units names – used with automatic text you will find the unit names separated with the string “|”. Just add the desired unit name here and after saving it will be available in the Product editor.

Recent update even added a field in product’s Additional information, which now displays the entered number of units along with the unit name, so the customer knows all information about the product which he needs. Works also on Variable products.

As you can see we have a product which costs 10 USD and its weight is 2 kilograms. So it’s price per unit should be 5 USD/ 1 kg. But as we set custom number of units to 5 (pieces) the resulting unit price is 2USD/1 piece. This way you can override the original weight for calculating purposes, meanwhile keeping it for shipping purposes.

The application of this depends only on your imagination. You can for example use it for selling something in liters and in the shipping keeping the weight of the product with its bottle.

Additional information

Number of pieces 5 pieces
Weight 2 kg