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Product with different nett weight and gross weight

$4.00 /kg

Product where the net weight (5kg) is different from gross weight (5.5kg)


Product Description

This product is having different net weight from its gross weight. In this case it is important for the shop owner to keep the gross weight intact for shipping purposes, but to show unit price for the net weight.

Example of intended use:

Selling products with their package – the gross weight will be used for calculating shipping.

To achieve that you need:

  1. To have the price set on tab General
  2. To have the gross weight set on tab Shipping
  3. On the tab Price per Unit – Set custom number of units
  4. On the tab Price per Unit – Set the custom text for recalculated unit

Two ways how to do it

    • Setting custom text for repeated use in General settings of the plugin
    • Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Product->Price Per Unit


Please look at included images. Note: the numbers on the images don’t correspond the example strictly.

As you can see we have a product which costs 20USD and its gross weight is 5.5 kilograms, but we set the net weight to 5 kilograms which makes the unit price 4USD/1 kilogram

Additional information

Net weight 5 kg
Weight 5.5 kg