Price per unit PRO

Price per Unit PRO

Wordpress plug-in

What is it about?

Price per Unit plug-in for WordPress and WooCommerce calculates the automatically how much will cost one unit of your goods

Helps you sell

Your customers will be having direct overview of the average value of each product.

Conform EU laws

EU laws orders shop owners to display unit price for food. That is exactly what you will get from this plug-in.

Free version available

If you are interested in my plug-in the free version is available on here WordPress site

14 days moneyback

If you’re not satisfied with the plugin you can ask within 14 days for your money back

Paid version features

Recalculation per different weight or number

Sometimes you may want to use different unit or weight than specified on shipping tab.

This is handy for several cases:

You want to sell pack of t-shirts and you want to show price for one piece.

You are selling food in some package and you want to show price per net weight yet you need to keep the gross weight for shipping purposes.

There is many scenarios for this option and it is just up to your need or imagination to use it to your benefit.

Different weight - Frontend Different weight - Frontend
Variation select - Frontend Variation select - Frontend

Full variable products support

Recalculated variation price is displayed under normal price after variation is selected.

Recalculation per different weight unit

This is useful when your shop has a specific weight unit – let’s say kilograms and you want to show the the calculation for different unit – this time it’s gram. This feature works acros all the WooCommerce default units (kg,g,oz,lb).

Different weight unit - Frontend Different weight unit - Frontend

Supported also in Cart

Recalculated price is now shown also on Cart page. If your theme supports Minicart it should be also visible there – this depends on themes developers.

Custom ratio - recalculation per different units number

Normally the recalculation works per one unit Рif I have shop in kilograms it calculates price for 1 kg. This feature can help you if you need to show the price for different number of kilograms  Рperhaps per a ton(if you are selling wholesale) or maybe just per 100 grams.

Recalculation ratio - Frontend Recalculation ratio - Frontend

Pick your version

Single e-shop

Suitable for individual e-shop owners
1 domain
1 year of updates
14 days moneyback guarantee
15 USD per domain
15 USD

Small busines

Suitable for small business owning several e-shops
3 domains
1 year of updates
14 days moneyback guarantee
10 USD per domain
30 USD


Suitable for developers working for several companies
10 domains
1 year of updates
14 days moneyback guarantee
5 USD per domain
50 USD


The most important thing is to have weight of the product set. So you should go to Products -> (product you want to edit) -> Shipping and fill in product weight. This is crucial because we are trying to calculate the price of product per its weight. Lot of people forget this so check it first.

Within 14 days from the purchase you can get a money return. The only thing needed for this is deactivatating the licence first. Then send an e-mail to [email protected] and I will do a money return for you.